..also fighting in Moscow!

On October 21st, Binky Jones headed up to Manhattan to tryout for the 2008 IFL (International Fight League) roster. Unlike the Ultimate Fighter evaluation process, the IFL put the 200+ professional fighters through live grappling and MMA sparring. Binky stepped up to the competition by subbmitting two opponents and winning a decision in the finals. At the end of the day, Binky was selected to fight for the IFL in the 2008 season.

Before Binky can mix it up in the IFL, he must first face Vladamir Zenin (Red Devil Fight Team) in Moscow, November 30th. Going toe-to-toe with the Russian on his soil will not be an easy task for the Ground Control submission specialist, but he (and his coaches) feel that Binkys training has gone well and a victory is certain.

Good Luck!!

Check back in December for results.