Learn Authentic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Get In Great Shape

Bjj first hit the mainstream when Royce Gracie won the first ever Ultimate Fighting Championships. After that, the Gracie family revolutionized martial arts by spreading one of the most effective fighting techniques across the world.

John Rallo (a Renzo Gracie black belt) teaches top-level jiu jitsu that he learned from Renzo himself. All the instructors are credible and are teaching cutting edge jiu jitsu techniques.

BJJ classes are ideal for someone looking to compete as a martial artist, get toned and lose weight, learn basic self defense, test mental toughness, or challenge themselves physically and mentally

I first learned what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was after watching a UFC event at a friends house. My regular gym routine was boring me and I was very interested in learning BJJ. I have to be honest though I was too intimidated to give it a try. After being asked by a friend to join a free class at Ground Control, I gave in to my fear and gave it a try. After one class I was hooked. I was surprised at how patient the instructors were and how quickly I learned. I highly recommend Ground Control and am proud to say I am in the best shape of my life!
Troy L.
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